The Power of Life : Prana Mudra

The Power of Life : Prana Mudra

There is an age-old science of hand gestures using fingers and thumb which are supposed to direct the delicate energies in the body. It’s important to know, the way your systems behaves can be altered just by changing the stance or position of your palm. This is an art by itself which essentially involves the calculus and wiring within us. By practising a certain mudra, the energies tend to travel in a particular way. Specially in yoga, there are classifications and structures where you can regulate your breathing in a certain way, with certain counts and proportions. This may lead you to pinpoint your energies acting as a ‘control panel’ to everything. . The choice is yours to either keep this human system as an infant human being or you can enlarge this into vast possibilities.

The beauty of Indian culture is that for everything, things are identified like particular asana’s, mudras with particular kind of breathing so that, we human beings can bring out the best within ourselves.

Amongst all the energies compulsory to retain the balance of nature, Prana Mudra hold a much admirable importance and is defined as The spirit of life in its own self.

The mechanism of Prana mudra excites the root chakra, that generates vibration and heat, awakens all the organs and empower the body. This mudra acts as a channel connecting heart and soul redirecting wherever it is most wanted.

The Prana mudra is can be performed by bringing the tips of little and ring finger in contact with the tip of the thumb and rest two fingers being straight. It is best practiced with inhale and exhale for same duration You can also add the mantra sound ‘ so-hum’ while chanting ‘so’ on inhale and ‘humm’ on exhale. Although in beginning you might discover it hard to chant and inhale-exhale simultaneously, but with practice you can surely perfect it. After a while chanting the mantra for 40-50 times, try to focus on your mind and you may sense a sudden vibration in your body, a likely situation where your body feels like floating. That’s the power of life or Prana Mudra.

The hand gesture is single of the most vital mudras as it helps
·       To turn- on the inactive energy in the body
·       Eliminates any kind of A, B, C, D, E, K vitamin deficiencies.
·       Improves the regulates the power of the mind. This may help in tackling the unregulated habits, for example eating or sleeping disorders.
·       Removes obstacles present in blood vessels  resulting with improved blood circulation
·       Cures mental tension, nervousness, chronic fatigue anger, low patience, restlessness & irritability and revive emotions such as happiness, delight, enjoyment, wish, energy & enthusiasm.
·       Enhance your immune system
·       Decreases the power of eyesight, especially when you wear specs, recovers vision and treat eye irritation like burning red dry eyes, cataract.
·       Any kind of cramps in muscles and pain in the legs are cured
·       Cures skin rashes, urticaria and leprosy
·       Numbness in any part of the body gets cured
·       Reduces insomnia

In this mudra three elements i.e. earth, the water and fire attached, and thus helps to remove the obstacles and impurities present in the blood, resulting in enhanced blood movement but at the same time, pregnant women,  breast-feeding mothers or people with frequent cough and cold symptoms should avoid it.

Without any constraint, you can perform this mudra while walking, sitting, standing or lying down at any time of the day. If in sitting position, sukhasana is preferred if maintained comfortably. Just plug in the finger-thumb combination and battery starts charging. Make sure you do it for a minimum of 15 minutes – twice a day and relish the unlimited benefits of this power of life !