Silent Mirror To Your Mind And Soul

Silent Mirror To Your Mind And Soul
By Shruti ChaturLal Sharma

Its no new fact that actions speak louder than words, particularly when it comes to the usage of hands. Different people throughout time have instinctively used hand gestures also called mudras to silently illustrate inner thoughts and feelings, or as a carrier for facilitated healing.

Eastern traditions have told unified narratives with finely detailed hand gestures through traditional dance forms or energy-replenishing practices such as Tai Chi and qigong, and used matching acupressure points to restore health and energy. Many religions, specially Buddhism and Hinduism, use the hands in various ways to demonstrate allegiance or prayer.

In daily life, it may be a simple clap, a handshake or simple salutation - namaste, holding hands with another, the healing touch of massage or Reiki—or maybe less captivating emotions of anger or frustration. In yoga, however, it is the remedial act of mudras (meaning “seal”), an important practice commonly misconceived —and sometimes forgotten—in yoga’s modern execution.

Yoga mudras come in form of Hasta mudras, or hand gestures, are perhaps the most common and accessible practice to start when uncovering their purpose and potential. While the spelling, meaning and execution of mudras deviates somewhat across lineages, their use shares a commonality of reconnecting practitioners with their internal source of prana, or life-force, to achieve wellbeing and spiritual evolution.

It is important for every practitioner to know that every area of the hand forms its reflex zone by establishing the link between our energy bodies such as physical body (annamaya kosha), pranic body (pranamaya kosha) and mental body (manomaya kosha); the vital connections that are often damaged in response to the chaotic pace of modern living.

Much like postures or asanas, the most effetctive mudra for different purposes are often the simplest. Once such is “Hakini Mudra” which can be formed by bringing the two palm in front of the body with each palm facing each other, touching the fingertips of both hands together and letting them maintain light contact.

This mudra is most beneficial if we place the tongue against the roof of the mouth ( the upper area) and start with inhaling practice and relaxing the tongue (coming back to the usual) while exhaling. 

The practice of this mudra helps one to :
·       boost the memory power
·       coordinated the right and the left hemispheres of the brain
·       endorses calmness
·       promotes clarity of perception and thoughts
·       develop one’s connection with the third eye chakra and promotes intuition
·       reduce the risk of depression, anxiety and stress
·       deepens the respiration that in turn is well for brain providing it for more oxygen.

Some of you may interestingly know that the left side of the brain is linked by logical thinking whereas the right side of the brain is based on creativity chiefly connected with the third eye chakra also known as Ajna Chakra and thus regularly practice of Hakini Mudra enhances the brain power with an incentive of good memory and better concentration. Coming to the duration to perform the mudra, one should hold for 45 minutes daily, or three 15-minute periods in a day.
I always insist, DON’T let your ego overpower when choosing a position to practise. Remember, if your mind is constantly on the unease of the pose, you won’t be able to still the mind… The best position to perform mudras is what you find most comfortable and natural. For those who find too stiff to sit on the ground, may opt for a chair and others who may be elderly or unfit may prefer lying down. You can add instrumental music based on Raag Alaiya Bilawal, Hindol or Jaunpuri to quadruple the effect.

So, ease yourself, choose your position, look for the music you like, gently close your eyes, form the mudra gifting those 15 minutes to yourself and let the musical language of self-expression de-stress you completely.


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