Space Surroundings All Creations : Akash Mudra

Space Surroundings All Creations
By Shruti ChaturLal Sharma

The science of mudras or hand gestures are based on the fundamental principles of life, namely the five elements – Ether, Air, Water, Earth and Fire and five pranas – Prana, Udana, Samana, Apana and Vyana and three doshas – Vata, Kapha and Pitta. Thus, the secret of good health depends of the balance of these elements within the body.

The key to health and well-being is to keep our pranas in harmony. When one prana becomes imbalanced, others tend to become imbalanced as well. Thus, regular practice of mudras results in creating balance by activating blood circulation and transmission of energies through nerves. They balance the five elements, doshas and pranas: replacing one element with another, increasing or decreasing the proportion of an element within the body.

Akash mudra counters deficiency of space in the body. This gives various benefits to health as well as spiritual enlightenment. It enables the person (atma) to reunite with the collective consciousness (Paramaatmaa or God). The increased internal space enables the rest of the four bodily elements to increase, affording them a room to act.

This detoxifying mudra is performed by joining the tip of the thumb with tip of middle finger. The other three fingers remain extended.

Akash mudra helps :

·       Beneficial for people with heart ailments and related disorders like blood pressure
·       Strengthen the bones as it increases the calcium content
·       Beneficial in vertigo and loss of balance.
·       Removes tooth problem making them strong
·       Increases spiritual power and make one fearless.
·       Easily erodes negative emotions like fear, anger, sorrow and replaces with positive emotions and thoughts.
·       Even may control high blood pressure
·       Relieves congestion (and pain) in the head which may be caused due to migraine or sinusitis or in your  ear/s due to infection or in the chest due to infection or asthama.
·       Overcomes the discomfort caused by over eating.
·       It also prevents jet lag if performed during the flight for atleast 45 minutes.

It is best if you perform this mudra for 45 minutes every day. If time permits, you can prefer doing it in one go, or else can be carried out thrice for 15 minutes in a day. You may start feeling quite positive and pure right after 2-3 days of practice.

Avoid practicing this mudra while standing or immediately after your meals whereas performing it at dawn gives enhanced benefits. Don’t let your hectic schedule or laziness stop you from balancing your five elements, just come forward with akash mudra and unite your inner space with the universal space.