Mediation Through Meditation

By Shruti ChaturLal Sharma

A conducive environment encourages positivity and overall development. After a lot of studies in the field of psychology, quantum mechanics, universe etc, it was realised the humankind has been at war since the discovery of fire and wheel. 

This fight is between two of ourselves, one is right and other is wrong, one lazy other active, one is patient other is not, one will show up for exercise tomorrow other one will not . This never-ending war within needs constant mediation. Faster the mediation better is your life. To flush out all the additional baggage you need to clear out your mind and switch to standby mode every now and then. But how one will do that ? Answer is simple, exercise your mind through meditation.

Our brain is a peculiar organ or tool if we may say. As humans we have the capability to reason everything. This helps us in development of humankind. However, there is one more quality of our brain. It keep on learning things but the challenge is that we just need to feed it right. Just disconnect from the insane current for a few minutes and recharge in a focused way to make better decision.

What is meditation ?
It is a practise that teaches you to resign, and restart from a neutral, empowered place. It guides you find your inner voice. 

Sue Yalof explains three know-how or techniques of meditation: 
1) through Mantra- 'ma' in Sanskrit means mind; 'tra' is for instrument. Pick any small /comfortable mantra. Sit in an appropriate place and start chanting the mantra on repeat mode. You will realise, soon within minutes your mind will be filled with thoughts. Acknowledge them and come back to the mantra. Enjoy your space of completely living in present. 
2) Mindful- this is placed on either breath, smell or taste. Focus and feel your normal breath. Similarly, you can focus on a particular mild smell.
3) Guided awareness- here you close your eyes, concentrate and listen to your "guru's" voice. He creates an image of some serene beauty.

I am often asked, which is the finest method. The truth is whether you take a dip in shallow water or in deep, one thing is for sure, ‘You will get wet, you will feel the difference’. The only way it will not work is when you will just stand on a side and question the water. Also, there is a huge list of do's and don'ts of meditation. Some gurus believe to be strict and authoritative, to burn and exhaust yourself. It's best you find your own pace and space in universe. Be your own guru. Be true to yourself and take the plunge.

And yes! rules are simple... The foremost rule you can follow is make a routine which will embark the marking of your session. For example, you may take bath, or just wash your face or maybe just sit and brush your palm on your face and remind yourself to start the practice. Secondly, it is absolutely not important to sit in Padmasana with your back absolutely straight. In today's lifestyle many people endure  from back pain, knee pain etc. In that case you will never be able to concentrate if you fight too much with yourself as your mind will be giving signals to stand up and get yourself relieved from that pain. Practically, you can meditate by sitting on a chair or  in simple cross legged posture or you may even lie down on a hard surface, as you feel most comfortable. The main idea is to keep your back relaxed and not fall asleep. Third rule holds most importance. When you are fresh on boat you tend to lose interest easily and get caught up in irrelevant thoughts. It's very important to bring your attention back again and again. Recognise each thought, but remind yourself to come back to your present. One mantra or trick that always help is if you are feeling too anxious just write down the things you have to do and keep that sheet away. So when you are sitting in the session you can assure yourself that there is nothing to worry and you will do your walk after you finish your present work. 

Remember! MEDITATION alters the brain wires and reboot your mind. In a matter of few months you will be someone you wanted yourself to be. You will start listening to your mediator clearly.

There is no reason to walk around with constant confusions and stress in life when getting rid of it is so simple.