‘NO’ to Identity Crisis


‘NO’ to Identity Crisis

In today's generation "Identity Crisis" is a major issue and the generation is perplexed. The ethos of our being and to be born to our culture is a blessing. This article dedicated to 'mudra - hand gestures', is for the people who lack self-confidence or are going through a difficult period. Students who feel nervous before exams or people who get nervous before a job interview can practice giving a flash of inspiration for problem-solving within them.

“Yato hasta stato drishti"...
"Yato drishti stato manaha"...
"Yato manaha stato bhava"...
"Yato bhava stato rasa"

Have you ever given a thought, where the hand is, the eyes follow, where the eyes go, the mind follows, where the mind is, there is the feeling and where the feeling is, there an emotion is formed!

Gentle placements of the hands and fingers called mudras can stimulate healing and emotional well-being. One such mudra is Uttarabodhi also called as mudra of enlightenment.

One can feel enlightened by forming this mudra with these easy steps. Sitting in a fully relaxed position, hold your hands in front of the solar plexus level, interlocking your fingers to ensure that the hands are tightly clasped together. Now,  join the index fingers and thumbs of both the hands. Make sure index fingers should be pointing towards the ceiling (upwards) and the thumbs must point towards the bottom (downwards).

Uttarabodhi mudra evokes a sense of unshaken unity within oneself in aligning with the one source and refreshes the system and charges it with energy. Some of its benefits are : 
·       Helps to soothe excited nerves before beginning a daunting task
·       Enables the performer to overcome stage fright
·       Practiced for fearlessness
·       Helpful for people who suffer from fear of interacting with many people at a time
·       Practiced by students who feel jittery before exams or people who get nervous before a job interviews
·       Clams the mind and is useful for stirring insight, inspiration, and decision-making
·       Purifies the body and mind and shields them from negative forces
·       Helps to get rid of stress and improves concentration
·       Evokes enlightenment, a deeper sense of spiritual awareness and consciousness
·       Release fears or blockages and can calm nerves

This hand gesture can be performed for 15 minutes in a day anywhere and or at any time with no such specific restrictions.

The Uttarabodhi mudra strengthens the metal element keeping a direct relationship with the nervous system and driver of energy or the electrical impulses. It's internal as well as external drivers connect the human being with the surroundings and with the cosmic forces. Element Metal leads the universal force, also known as Chi or Prana, from outside to inside, hence is responsible for internal energy reservation replacement.

There are many techniques to rejuvenate our mind, body, and soul and one such unique feature comes across when we talk about wellness with hand gestures.

It’s time to awaken your inner positive side and practice this mudra. Start with this mudra and sense a positivity in your life.